Interactions between automated energy systems and flexibilities brought by energy market players.

Selected by the European Commission among 28 other candidates, in the framework of the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme, Horizon 2020, the smart grid project InterFlex has officiallty been launched on January 1st, 2017.

During three years, 20 project partners will explore new ways to use various forms of flexibilities in the aim of optimizing the electric power system on a local scale.

InterFlex investigates the INTERactions between FLEXibilities provided by energy market players and the distribution grid, with a particular focus on energy storage, smart charging of electric vehicles, demand response, islanding, grid automation and the integration of different energy carriers (gas, heat, electricity).

Furthermore, aspects related to the interoperability of systems, replicability of solutions and the identification of relevant business models constitute major objectives.

6 real-scale demonstrators
in 5 different European countries
22.8 M€
total budget
project demonstrators

20 industrial partners (utilities, manufacturers and research centers) from 6 different European countries are engaged within this 23 M€ project in order to deploy smart grid technologies at an industrial scale, in the context of high renewable energy penetration.

With Enedis as the global coordinator and ČEZ Distribuce as the technical director, InterFlex relies on a set of innovative use cases.

6 industry-scale demonstrators are being set up in the participating European countries.

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