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EDF group is a leading energy player in the production of low carbon solutions.

EDF group is an integrated energy company, present in all areas of the electricity business: nuclear, renewable and fossil production, transmission, distribution, sale, energy efficiency and management services, as well as energy supply.

Particularly well established in Europe, especially France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Belgium, the Group’s energy production, marked by the rise in renewable energy, relies on a diversified low-carbon energy mix based on nuclear power. From the production and the energy management to the distribution and the networks management, EDF commercializes all forms of energy and develops a wide range of services.



  • 72.9 billion € sales
  • 38.5 million customers
  • 158,161 employees worldwide
  • 87% CO² free electricity production

Drawing on its experience, its R&D and its wide experts and partners’ network, the EDF Group develops approaches, methods and expertise’s to support local actors at every stage of their smart city ambition and system integration technologies with renewables distribution system.

1. Upstream, EDF has a range of energy optimization offers that applies to all the territory levels, from the city to the building including district or building blocks (offers in Energy Optimization, Territorial Strategy, Planning, Heritage, Street lighting…).

2. EDF Group designs and develops the equipment, takes care of their exploitation and maintenance, through its energy efficiency, energy management or electric mobility subsidiaries.

3. Downstream, EDF Group ensures the follow up and the measurement of the installations’ energy performance, and offers pedagogical actions to raise users’ awareness to energy savings.

All the components directly related to energy are analyzed: mobility, study on renewable and recoverable energies potential, energy systems for buildings, local energy production, public lighting, optimization of load curves, energy monitoring and management and behavioral education.



In order to support customers and local communities in their energy transition, the EDF group offers them competitive low carbon energy solutions and acquired industrial expertise in smart grids.



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