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20 industrial partners (utilities, manufacturers and research centers) from 6 different European countries are engaged within this 23 M€ project in order to deploy smart grid technologies at an industrial scale, in the context of high renewable energy penetration.

With Enedis as the global coordinator and ČEZ Distribuce as the technical director, InterFlex relies on a set of innovative use cases.

6 industry-scale demonstrators are being set up in the participating European countries.

Europe Map 3 Interflex
Partner Interflex Icon

20 project partners

from 6 European countries working together

Demonstrators Interflex Icon

6 real-scale demonstrators

in 5 different European countries

Project Duration Icon Interflex


project duration

Icon Budget Interflex

22.8 M€

total budget


InterFlex is demonstrating islanding capabilities while assessing the potential business models of real microgrids that are based on on-site generation from 100% renewable sources such as PV or Wind.

We are experimenting ways to seamlessly swith from the grid mode. Such islanding will improve the security of supply for the customer and enable the use of renewable energies via automated control of residential assets and larger storage devices.



Across Europe InterFlex seeks to empower customers to bring their flexibility to the energy system and offer their assets to system operators and markets.

The aim is to make the customer’s demand flexible and controllable, without sacrificing comfort or economic principles…


Demand response

Energy storage solutions aim at accumulating extra renewable power generated during consumption lows, and its use during consumption peaks.

Interflex demonstrators are testing residential as well as larger, shared battery systems to relieve network congestion, and increase the renewable hosting capacity of the grid.


Energy storage

InterFlex is experimenting on cross-energy-carrier integration to exploit untapped potentials for flexibility provision.

By enabling the interaction to other grids (e.g. gas, heat and cooling) electricity grid constraints caused by renewables shall be solved in an efficient and cost-effective way.


Cross energy carrier synergies

E-Mobility challenges the grid, as quick electric vehicle charging stations require big power loads.

Interflex demonstrators integrate Electric vehicle user profiles to adapt the charging power during congestion periodsor renewable generation peaks, with mitigation of negative impacts on customers.


Electric vehicle

Distribution grid automation allows for the enhanced integration of renewables and new load patterns including EV charging.

Grid automation also enables the reduction of fault localization and isolation times thus improving the reliability of power supply.

InterFlex improves the monitoring and control of both power distribution.


Grid automation



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