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ID Work Package name Work Package Responsible
D8.9 EU-wide regulations and rules concerning building local energy market place/platform
The transition towards a new era for energy and environment in the European Community, presents challenges unlike any the Grid has face in the past. Increasing energy demand creates concerns on environmental effects and energy volumes at various grid points, where distributed renewable energy resources are connected. Under the prism, InterFlex commits to cross carrier energy system integration and flexibility, offered at the level of local energy systems and at distribution grid level. For demonstrating effective and scalable solutions, a clear understanding of the relevant regulatory framework is needed, to adapt to the relevant requirements and identify possible barriers that, at both European and national levels, need to be addressed in order to enhance the distribution grid flexibility.
D4.1 Dissemination Plan
This report présents objectives, means and guidelines for the communication and dissemination actions to be conducted within the Interflex project. One of its major goals is to ensure a good coordination of initiatives from the project members, as described in Section 1 further introduction of this document.
WP4 Enedis
D5.3 Documentation of specification for Smart Grid Hub SGH
With the ongoing change of European energy systems towards a more sustainable generation of power we are faced with numerous challenges. One of these challenges is to keep the power grid stable and reliable at all times. With a growing share of fluctuating power generators it will become increasingly more difficult to achieve the necessary balance between generation and demand at all times.
WP5 Avacon
D4.2 Project Website
As per the Grant Agreement, the deliverable D4.2, of WP 4 “Dissemination and exploitation of results” is the development of a website to showcase the project’s advancements. The website aims at disseminating information on the project and results. It will cover: - Broad information on the project activity - Presentation of the results - Useful documentation - Links and references
WP4 Enedis
D1.1 POPD – Requirement No.1
This report responds to the Work Package 1 relating to Ethics requirements in the protection of personal data. Indeed, within the context of InterFlex démos and exploitation of related resultas, partners will be collecting or processing personal data.
WP1 Enedis
D10.1 Detailed Project Management Plan
This report presents the InterFlex project as a whole, describing its organisation, roles and responsibilities, governance structures as well as decision making procedures. The review process is presented. As such, the present deliverable D1.10 summarises the key provisions in the Consortium and Grant Agreements, while providing more detailed views on the reporting of activities, effort, planning and cost expenditure. It also defines a clear review procedure for deliverables, with defined phases. The aim of this report is to ensure high quality deliverables and management of the project.
WP10 Enedis


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