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ID Work Package name Work Package Responsible
D8.1 E.ON Sweden DEMO – Detailed use case planning
Deliverable 8.1 (& 8.2) deal with detailed use case planning including technical analysis & specification of the use cases, KPI, Risk Management & Roles and Responsibilities within scope of WP8.
WP8 E.ON Sverige
D7.1 Enexis DEMO – District architecture requirements and tested innovations
The system architecture for InterFlex in the Netherlands is described to meet the requirements stated in the three use cases. The grid architecture of the demo site in Strijp-S is explained in relation to these use cases. Furthermore, a detailed description of the actors, roles and functions of the different components is included.
WP7 Enexis
D6.1 Design of solutions
CEZ Distribuce as WP6 leader aims to perform demonstrations of innovative smart grid solutions in order to increase DER hosting capacity, integrate EV charging stations and home energy torage systems more effectively and thus cover important challenges of European DSOs.
WP6 ČEZ Distribuce
D2.1 Use case detailed definitions and specifications of joint activities in the Demonstrators
Use case detailed definitions and specifications of joint activities in the 5 demonstration WPs, in order to maximize the overall impacts of a joint implementation of the innovations at stake in each demonstrator
WP2 ČEZ Distribuce
D8.9 EU-wide regulations and rules concerning building local energy market place/platform
Insights on a EU-wide scale as well as on national level for two example Member States, Sweden and Germany: • Regulations and rules concerning local energy market places • Regulations and rules concerning the commercialization of end-customer’s flexibilities
W5.5 Test records of Smart Grid Hub (SGH) functionality test Smart Grid Hub
Description of testing procedures and documentation of lab and acceptance testing of Smart Grid Hub control engine.
WP5 Avacon
D5.3 Documentation of specifications for Smart Grid Hub (SGH)
At the heart of the German Demo lies the Smart Grid Hub, an extension of the Grid Control Center of the DSO. The Smart Grid Hub monitors and controls small scale flexibilities in the distribution grid in order to ensure safe and reliable grid operation under any circumstance.
WP5 Avacon
D4.3 Proceedings of yearly workshops towards DSOs, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders – 1st year
Deliverable 4.3 summarizes the various actions organized by the project in its first year to reach the European DSO community, the regulatory bodies, and the professional associations and public bodies related to the energy sector.
WP4 Enedis
D3.10 Contribution to the working groups of BRIDGE and and other working groups for cooperation between LCE projects – 1st year
Deliverable 3.10 presents the outcome of the contribution to the on-going BRIDGE cross project working group activities and other collaborative working groups between LCE projects for the first year of the InterFlex project.
WP3 Enedis
D2.2 Minimal set of use case KPIs and measurement methods to perform the technical and economic analysis of the resulting definitions
This deliverable defines the KPIs and measurement methods of the Interflex project.
WP2 ČEZ Distribuce


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