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Grid Solutions, a GE and Alstom joint venture, has over 200 years of combined experience in providing advanced energy solutions.  We have equipped 90% of transmission power utilities worldwide. Everyday, we work to create stronger, more resilient power networks for our customers, turning the lights on for billions of people around the world.

Modernizing grids with digital technology for greater energy efficiency, while integrating renewables for a more diversified energy mix.

It is how we keep the world turned on.



GE’s Grid Solutions has a long track of experience of Smart Grid technologies, at the forefront of the technology and business model revolutions to help solve the challenges faced by electricity utilities worldwide:

  • For 30 years: State Estimation and Contingency Analysis
  • For 10 years: renewables integration, and Market Management Systems
  • For 5 years: Demand Response Management Systems, Wide Area Monitoring systems
  • For 3 years: Low Voltage monitoring, Smart Cities and Territories.

GE’s ambitious Smart Grid strategy notably relies on partnership with customers in all geographies, buildup of a strong ecosystem of partner companies, ambitious program of Smart Grid pilot projects to test technologies, business models, and investigate the regulatory evolutions required.



GE’s Grid Solutions, as a manufacturer, participates in the development and deployment of a software system which schedules production and consumption variations to solve local/national grid constraints and offers renewable integration services to third parties (cities, collectivities, etc.). GE’s software system is operated by Enedis to contract with the aggregators (EDF, Engie…)


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