For the InterFlex project partners, it’s high time to discuss the technical results and to capitalize on lessons learned. All InterFlex project partners met in Nice on the 13th and 14th of June in the frame of the periodic technical committee meetings, and took the occasion to visit the Nice Smart Valley field installations.

A first visit was organized on the islands of Lerins to present the islanding system set up by Enedis and Engie to secure the electricity supply and to ensure greater resilience in case of an incident on the submarine cable linking the islands to the continent.

The DSO and the aggregator are now studying new business models using their batteries together to allow an energy autonomy of nearly six hours to the islands in case of problems.

The European partners also visited the InterFlex installations in the city of Carros, where GRDF is currently working on a combined heat and power unit which permits to ensure heating and tap water needs and to produce electricity at a local scale.

The demonstrator is set up at Schneider Electrics industrial site in order to study the project in real time and to develop it according to the project findings.

The last demonstrator is installed on the rooftop of a public gymnasium. This unit provides heating in winter and air conditioning in summer by independently alternating between electricity and gas to provide flexibility to the system. This unit could ultimately use biogas to be more environmentally friendly.

For more information about the InterFlex experimentations in Nice, visit the Nice Smart Valley projet website.