As an attempt to fully utilize renewable energy sources in the Swedish demo, the Local Energy System in Simris is attempting to power the village in islanded mode for two full weeks without using the backup generator.

By doing this, the system is forced to optimize the use of the battery systems in place and to maximize the use of the residential assets. During summer, we can take advantage of a high solar radiation and a fair amount of wind due to changing temperatures. These circumstances make it possible to produce high levels of renewable energy.

By having the Redox Flow battery as an additional energy storage, we have been able to run Simris in islanded mode on only battery power from 7pm during night time until 8am, which is an encouraging result.

This situation, coupled with limiting curtailment of renewable energy sources, also enables possibilities to further test the failsafe procedures implemented in the control system to fall back into grid connected mode. Still fully utilizing the DSR assets by staying in virtual islanded mode.